With the right coach, the impossible becomes possible. Maximize your potential with our elite coaches. You’ll be equipped with a program designed to meet your unique needs and a partner who will push you to go further and go faster.

Member punching with coach
Member and coach punching together

Get paired with your perfect fit. Our coaches are experts in their individual disciplines. We’ll match you with the right coach, who will design a plan unique to your goals, lifestyle and experience. From Muay Thai to functional fitness, beginner to competitive athlete, we have a coach for you!

Member smiling at camera

Every UFC GYM coach must pass a rigorous, science-backed certification process, exclusively designed for us by leading industry experts. Our elite program directors ensure coaches stay up to date on cutting-edge industry developments through ongoing education opportunities.

Igor Kamchatnyi Featured Image

Igor Kamchatnyi

MMA Coach | JBR Branch

Gerald Gayo Featured Image

Gerald Gayo

Muay Thai Coach | JBR Branch

Raphael Souza Featured Image

Raphael Souza

BJJ Coach | JBR Branch

Srdjan Seles Featured Image

Srdjan Seles

MMA Coach | JBR Branch

Danilo Barbosa Featured Image

Danilo Barbosa

BJJ Coach | JBR Branch

Tokhir Zhuraev Featured Image

Tokhir Zhuraev

MMA Coach | JBR Branch

Mariangela Di Santi Featured Image

Mariangela Di Santi

Private Coach | JBR Branch

Nenad Jovcic Featured Image

Nenad Jovcic

Fitness Manager | JBR Branch

Nemanja Nedovic Featured Image

Nemanja Nedovic

MMA + Private Coach | JBR Branch

Slavisa Velickovic Featured Image

Slavisa Velickovic

Private Coach | Business Bay Branch

Julio Dos Santos Featured Image

Julio Dos Santos

BJJ / Kickboxing Coach | Business Bay Branch

Aldin Busnov Featured Image

Aldin Busnov

Fitness Manager | Business Bay Branch

Greg Lorenzo Jr Featured Image

Greg Lorenzo Jr

Muay Thai Coach | Business Bay Branch

Sylvester Saba Featured Image

Sylvester Saba

MMA Coach | Business Bay Branch

Sean Dela Cruz Featured Image

Sean Dela Cruz

MMA Coach | Business Bay Branch

Ben Olupot Featured Image

Ben Olupot

Private Coach | Business Bay Branch

Amine Nifaoui Featured Image

Amine Nifaoui

MMA Coach | Business Bay Branch

Minna Khamis Featured Image

Minna Khamis

MMA + Private Coach | Business Bay Branch